Some of the great features to get you started:

After all, business is all about numbers..

That's why we've put in so much effort to make accounting seamless, reliable, and transparent. Features like cash and accrual reporting , detailed audit trail, the ability to link any transaction directly to a tenant account, batch entries, tax return basis, automated journal entries and more are what truly make this system a game changer for your potfolio, saving you hours and hours of cleanup and adjustments and providing you with 100% reliable data for better descision making based on data, not guesses.

All info at your fingertips

Having information is great. But making accessible, and easily accessible is the key, Get rid of all the spreadsheets for insurance, property taxes and ownership percentages. Spend less time looking for your information and have the ability to pull powerful all inclusive reports like never before.

Desktop feel in the cloud

Working in the cloud doesn't mean you have to give up on the things you love about desktop like have multiple windows open, infinite scrolling great responsiveness. With simpli-city you get the best of both worlds

Report builder for mere mortals

You shouldnt be bound by a cookie cutter list of reports. With our revolutionary intuitive WYSIWYG report builder, you can visulize what you are building while you are building. With all the data in the system available to you, nothing is impossible. Build the report once, and have it available at the click of a button for the rest of your life. you will never ever do a report in excel again.

Don't freak out about roomates!

Simplicity is roommate tolerant with whatever setup you have. multiple leases on one unit? Fine! 4 roomates on the same lease? you can still send combined statements while still keeping track of which roomate is behind.

Best Reports Ever

Reports are Instant, no running an waiting. veiw them instantly on your screen, then export to pdf, excel(with the formulas!) or email straight from the system. With batched reports quarterly reveiws are a breeze, just choose your properties and run with it!

The people you work with

When using simpli-city, you work directly with the people who built it from scratch. Unlike other off the shelf solutions, where you have to fit your needs into a rigid system, anything is possible. Any custom feature is just a phone call away. So go ahead, make a wish! Which feature will we build next to transform your company?

We work together with you to create a software that works like magic, tranforming your company in a way that only custom software can do..

Say good-bye to late nights at work, frustration and friction in your workflow

Let's talk!

Let's have an obligation free conversation about your challenges, unique business needs, where you are heading to and how we can help you get there

Simpli-city App Screens

Want Self Service? Get onto the waiting list!

We are working on a self-service version for simpli-city, so you can benefit of simpli-city's powerfull features without the costs of consultation and customizations. Sign up to be from the first ones to know when simpli-city self service becomes available, Get sneak peeks at the product, and the opportunity to vote for upcoming features